Sunset Ridge Students Light up with Summer Learning

IMG_5876It is a summer of learning some students at Sunset Ridge Middle won’t soon forget. That’s because they participated in what is called the ‘Falcon Summer Camp’ which literally takes learning to new heights. It’s a week long camp that started with students challenging their minds and bodies on a high ropes course at the University of Utah. Every year teachers who organize the camp choose a book for the students to read and over the course of a week they leave the classroom to experience different aspects of what they have read in the book. With that in mind, the kids headed up to Lake Solitude for a hike, they practiced calligraphy and made zen gardens, volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen and went on a tour of Energy Solutions Arena. But a day did not go by without the young people taking time out to read because literacy is the cornerstone of the camp. This is a wonderful summer opportunity that began with several teachers who wanted to continue to make a difference in the lives of children over the summer months. This would not be possible without parents who help these dedicated teachers raise money to fund the camp along with the Jordan Education Foundation. Thank you for supporting summer learning! Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Good Manners Matter in the Classroom

Screenshot 2015-07-29 15.12.00As children head back to the classroom for a new school year, many parents are hoping they mind their manners and show respect to the many hard working teachers and school staff. And educators will tell you good manners do matter in the classroom. It’s something Region 6 PTA President for Jordan School District, Dawn Ramsey, recently talked about on Fox 13’s lifestyle show ‘The Place.’ Take a look at the segment and some tips on how parents can teach their children the importance of good manners. Click here to see the video.

Welcome Back to Year-Round Schools!

DSCN4267It is back to the books for the 15 year-round elementary schools in Jordan School District and we want to wish everyone a warm welcome back! Teachers, custodians, office staff and principals worked hard to make the schools and classrooms fun and inviting for students on their first day back. Parents too did their share of hard work getting children everything they needed for back-to-school. Good luck to everyone on a successful and productive school year. Together let’s strive for the best in education for our young people every day. Enjoy a photo gallery of back-to-school on our Facebook page.

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Excitement Builds as District Marching Band Heads to Days of ’47 Parade

CKni-BEWUAAO0TTThey have been working long and hard in the hot summer sun all week long. Now, nearly 300 students from marching bands in all five District high schools are ready to perform before tens of thousands in the Days of ’47 Parade in downtown Salt Lake City. These amazing kids have come together to form one BIG BAND and have managed to perfect their combined musical skills in just four days. We are so proud of everyone involved. Good luck! Go to our Facebook page to enjoy the sights and sounds of the marching band as they wind through the side streets of Riverton for their final rehearsal.